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is a public sculpture, a temporary shelter, an aggregation of pieces, a metaphor .
Reclaimed HIPS Trimmings, Salvaged OSB Boards, LEDs.

The installation responds to the the Festival’s theme; “Poetry in the streets” by interpreting a linguistic concept as a physical place. Two motifs intertwine into a structure that brings together the concept of “home” and the language of contemporary symbols. Sometimes we feel at home talking to our loved ones in the family chat group.

Context: Street Delivery Festival 2019   
Date: May 2019
Location: Arthur Verona Str. Bucharest(RO)
30 contemporary hieroglyphs are repeatede in an almost schizophrenic manner to compose a discrete structure made of aproximately 1000 interlocking pieces.

Alphabets are some of the most fascinating tools devised by humans. It uses a compression mechanism that allows the codification of a nearly infinite amount of information into
The Internet: The initial limitations of long distance information transmission gave birth to platforms such as Twitter which initially imposed a 140 character limit/message due to hardware limitations.

This is not the case anymore. Data trasmission has been flawlessly integrated into the fabric of society. Image transmission is done with such ease that compression methods such as the Alphabet have become obsolete. Te Emoji has made its way into everyday language. Moreover, emojis have become para-alphabetical symbols, ubiqously understood and therefore surpassing the need be recoded using “classical” characters. *wink emoji*

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