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Interaction and Video Design for “The Bridge”

“The Bridge” is an interactive installation concieved by Adrian Damian making use of tracking and sensors to explore the concept of human touch.
A custom made motion tracking system comprised of depth cameras and TOF sensors informs the audio-visual evolution of the installation.

Through the use of biologically inspired computational systems the visual design aims to transport the viewer into an organic, almost intrinsic space.

For: Romanian Cultural Insititute Bucharest  ︎ ︎ ︎
Date: 25-30 October 2023
Location:  38 Aleea Alexandru, Bucharest 011824 (RO)
Concept: Adrian Damian
Interaction and Video Design: Sebastian Comanescu
Music: Mihai Dobre
Sound Interaction Design: Grig Burloiu

The speed and the movement patterns of the audience, the distance or the closeness between them, their anxiety, or their tranquility create the whole experience of the installation. Nothing is predetermined, all the video, light, and sound content as also the water movement is generated by the audience.

“The Bridge is an interactive art installation that questions the boundaries in our understanding of the concept of being together. We are more than we see, we connect deeper than we think and we communicate with more than words.”
- Adrian Damian

Photographed by: Adrian Bulboaca ︎︎

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