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Is a reactive installation exploring a post-ecological future.
Comprised of robotic 3d printed PETG Flowers, animated via proximity sensors.

Speculating upon a anthropocenic scenario where natural ecosistems are kept in balance by man-made prostheses that regulate environmental factors.

Evolution was an iterrative process comprised of trials, errors and adaptation. However, at some point, a parallel evolutive flow began in what we know today as the Anthropocene. Gene-therapy, biohacking, lab-grown meat and gain-of-function research represent the hyjacking via human will of a process that was exclusively emergent up untill that point. Its time we took a look at these processes from outside the outdated natural-artificial dichotomy.

Myosis electricus presents itself as a fabricated species that is inserted in the mundane act of tending ones houseplants. This "xeno-" species hints at an alternative reality where the environment has undergone such changes that the old species cannot permeate without forming simbiotic relationships with new ones. A paranatural prothesis for reintegration in the Anthropocene.

The installation experience presents itself as a double-edged sword; the synthetic flowers are excited by the presence of humans in the exhibition space. Given too much attention they will  overdo their duty and drown their living counterparts; on the other hand, if not enough people visit, they will overlook tending to the ecosystem.

Photographs & Video: Maria Nastase & Ioana Luca

Exhibited & Part of  BIOS Exhibition ( in Brasov (RO) 27 AUG — 3 SEP 2020 @ THE MULTICULTURAL CENTER OF TRANSILVANIA UNIVERSITY / AMURAL ( and in Bucharest (RO) @ GALATECA GALLERY ( curated by Alina Rizi as RIZI Design (

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