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Is a light installation building upon local cultural concepts using digital design methods with discrete elements.
Comprised of reclaimed/upcycled PVE piping, 3d printed PETG Joints and LED profiles.

A storefront piece inspired by local urban culture and circular fashion commisioned by a streetwear retail brand.

Client: Sneaker Industry  ︎ ︎ ︎
Date: December 2020
Location: 2 Lutherana Street, Bucharest (RO)
Given that streetwear and sneaker culture stem from local communities seeking new aesthetics whilst also cerishing past icons the installation looks back at an “east-european” childhood game as a local starting point.

Pac-Pac is/was a children’s game that entailed shooting paper cones out of “guns” improvised out of plastic tubing. Most of the time the aformentioned blowing devices were remodeled and readjusted on a weekly basis based on the artistic or fuctional desires of their wielder.

Drawing insipiration from this, surplus PVE piping aquired from local construction sites is broken down into discrete elements and assembled folowing a digital model generated by a combinatorial script.

Photography: Cosmin Tița
Special Thanks to HubsEd ︎︎ for logistic support & fabrication management and to DigiFab ︎︎ 3d printing assistance.

Still on display on SNKR IND’s physical store in Bucharest since 20 Dec 2020.


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