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A stool that takes a critical look into the byproducts of the recycling industry.
Fabricated using waste matter form a paper recycling plant.

The object result of a conceptual inquiry into how can design affect the recycling landscape. Rather than trying to figure out how to creatively use any sort of matter that can be considered everyday trash, the project started by looking at the already established waste management pipelines.

Authors: Sebastian Comanescu, Sabina Nechita, Mihaela Butoi
Pulp is cast out of a material that could be, to some degree, called “exotic”; due to the fact it theoretically shouldn’t exist. Cellulose pulp that is too worn or contaminated to be recycled into new paper products.

The project shortlised at Young Balkan Designers 2019: Circulate ︎︎
The project was showcased at Romanian Design Week 2020: Change  ︎

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