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Is a reactive installation illustrating quantum concepts by means of telepresence.
Comprised of a folded Aluminum core, DMX controlled LED lamps, microcontrollers, animated via IR sensors.

The installation is based a platonic solid (cubeoctahedron) capable of filling a three-dimensional space. Two identical objects were simultaneously placed in different geographical locations transmitting singnals between one another.

Quantum Polytopes hints at the overall shape that man's presence takes in the universe. The object is a trans-scalar representation of a tessellation that may no or may not be the underlying structure of physical space. In terms of interaction, it assumes scale based on the viewers belief. Depending on this rapport it can be perceived either as a micro-structure enlarged
to a ridiculous proportion or an enormous event contained in an insufficient device.

In the end, the installation is as much about the object as it is about the individuals that interact with it. Does human activity crystallize in arrangements that are larger than life or is this endeavor, despite its achievements, an interesting but pointless arrangement on a remote celestial body?

Photo: Florian Voggeneder ︎ & Andrei Gindac ︎
Video: Sebastian Comanescu

Two separate iteration were exhibited @ The Wild State:Networked Exhibition at Kunst­uni­versität Linz ︎ during Ars Electronica Festival 2020 ︎ - and @ UNATC Garden: Distant Art ︎ ︎  9-13th September 2020

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    ︎UNATC Garden - Distant Art Exhibition Page
    ︎Interview with the Romanian Cultural Institute
    ︎Ars Electronica Coverage

The two iterations of this project were presented as part of Digial Arts Practice for the 1st and 2nd semesters of CINETic UNATC’s Interactive Technologies for Performing and Media Arts Masters Programme. ︎

Special thanks to H3 for lending the light fixtures and to Kaustik for the CNC milling

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