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Robot Animations for 

“Who Am I” Teasers

“Who Am I” is a performance investigating identity as narrative in a Phoenix-like perspective, from its affirmation to its annihilation and then intrinsically resurging as something entirely new.

1 x KUKA Robotic Arm /w custom toolheads, performers, DMX controllable lights, projections and more.

As part of an extended collaboration , Sebastian Comanescu worked with H3’s Andrei Mitisor on developing the robotic coreography for three representative sequences that which laid the basis for the final motion of the robotic arm during the performance.

The project takes the myth of Pygmalion as a starting point and investigates the relationship between creator/creation and their perception in a world of AI. Who Am I? is based on the interaction between human and robot, by mirroring the relationship between natural and artificial as a deep meditation on human nature.

The teasers served a double purpose; they played a key role in the conceptual and perceptual development of the performance working on them alowed the team a deeper understanding into the potential upsides and dangers of performing alongside an exquisite piece of heavy machinery.

Concept & Set Design: Adrian Damian
Director & Writer: Alexandru Berceanu
Motion Design: Sebastian Comănescu, Andrei Mițișor
Soundscape: Vlaicu Golcea
Coreography: Andrea Gavriliu
Costumes: Luzia Enescu
Video Designers: Dilmana Yordanova, Răzvan Pascu
Videographers: Adi Bulboacă, Sorin Florea, Ioana Bodale
Performers: Andrea Gavriliu, Mădălina Ciotea, Vlad Bîrzanu, Anda Saltelechi, Meda Victor, Eduard Trifa
Video Engineer: Luca Achim
Lighting Designer: Cristian Simon
Light Engineer: Andrei Delzeg
Financial Coordinator: Andreea Chindriș
Production Manager: Florin Niculae
Managing Producers: Ana Țecu, Ana Ciobanu 

The final show aired on 9-13th of September 2020 in Bucharest as part of the H3: Before Detach as an Ars Electronica Festival 2020 ︎ endorsed performance

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