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Is a public architectural installation that ivites a meditation upon the source of life, intention and meaning.
Fabricated using composite aluminium panels, LED floodlights, smoke machines and microcontrollers.

The artwork explores the semiotc meaning of “the seed” as an object that is cross-cultural and transcends the development of human societies. 

Context: Romanian Creative Week  ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Date: June 2021
Location: 56 Professor Dimitrie Mangeron Bld. Iasi (RO)
The project was comissioned by Romanian Creative Week as a result of the preliminary proposal winning its Open Call Competition.  ︎

Every beginning is shrowded in its own uncertainties. Every road has its own hurdles. The sculpure ivites a closer meditation into what starting anew feels.

Inside the metal sculputure dwindiling lights and smoke machines build up the coreography of a living ember. The *spark* needed for every seed to grow.

A continous line warps around a monolithic apparition.

Photographed by: Octavian Fulger, Raul Lazar, Stefan Badulescu & the RCW Team
Fabrication and Logistics by HubsEd ︎︎ 

Still on display on the Bahlui Riverfront in Iasi since the 1st of June 2021.


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