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is an interactive installation, co-created with Alexandru Berceanu, which speaks about the human gaze.
Spirulina Algae, medicinal bags, IR Lights, Cameras.

Watch Me tracks the gaze of each viewer towards 'pixels' of spirulina. The pixels which receive more attention will benefit of preferential treatment and extra infrared light, bringing them an advantage in growing, as spirulina algae grow more than twice as fast when exposed to the red-infrared spectrum 620 nm – 1 mm and 300 GHz – 430 THz.

Context: “White Imprint” Collective Exhibition  ︎
Date: September 2022
Location: Mobius Gallery, Bucharest(RO) ︎
“Watch me” was part of the White Imprint Exhibition which featured collaborations between Alexandru Berceanu ︎  and various local artists.

Part of the research driven process, during each day, gaze data was collected and then fed back into the installation during periods when interaction was taking place. The piece concluded with an ephemeral canvas representing a discriminative outcome; as a result of the viewers engagement, some elements in the bio-matrix had developed a significantly more green and luscious colour.

Imprinting is the process by which experience is encoded into biology. We are symbiotic organisms, which evolved by consuming viruses and other microbiota that shaped human cells and memory.  Each organism's life experience impacts the epigenetic and implicitly the genetic level, shaping the DNA message for future generations.

Fabrication by HubsEd ︎︎ 

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