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Is a bespoke chandelier generated using swarm systems.
Bent Aluminium Pipe, Flexible LED, Eco-Friendly PETG.

DRIFT II builds upon and expands the digital and fabrication techniques developed for it’s predecesor DRIFT︎.

Context: DRIFT II was part of DIACRONIA exhibition @ RCW 2023 ︎
Curator: Marian Pălie  ︎
Date: September 2023
Location: 15 Emil Racovita Street, Bucharest (RO)
DRIFT is both the act of taking a sharp turn whilst purposefully losing traction on the rear wheels as well as a not so well known term for a flock of swans.

The design process made use of a simulated “flock” of boids circling a virtual “food source”. The resulting trails were discretised as to accomodate a limited number of angles in order to facilitate fabrication. The instructions for bending the aluminium pipes were generated algorithmically and each unique piece was checked for deviations using custom CNC routed jigs.

Finally, the DRIFT series strikes a balance between organic and mathematical. bridging local craftsmanship with digital fabrication.

Fabrication: HubsEd ︎︎
Date: February 2023

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