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Interaction and Video Design for “The Bridge”

“The Bridge” is an interactive installation concieved by Adrian Damian making use of tracking and sensors to explore the concept of human touch.
A custom made motion tracking system comprised of depth cameras and TOF sensors informs the audio-visual evolution of the installation.

Through the use of biologically inspired computational systems the visual design aims to transport the viewer into an organic, almost intrinsic space.

For: Romanian Cultural Insititute Bucharest  ︎ ︎ ︎
Date: 25-30 October 2023
Location:  38 Aleea Alexandru, Bucharest 011824 (RO)
Concept: Adrian Damian
Interaction and Video Design: Sebastian Comanescu
Music: Mihai Dobre
Sound Interaction Design: Grig Burloiu

The speed and the movement patterns of the audience, the distance or the closeness between them, their anxiety, or their tranquility create the whole experience of the installation. Nothing is predetermined, all the video, light, and sound content as also the water movement is generated by the audience.

“The Bridge is an interactive art installation that questions the boundaries in our understanding of the concept of being together. We are more than we see, we connect deeper than we think and we communicate with more than words.”
- Adrian Damian

Photographed by: Adrian Bulboaca ︎︎
Is a bespoke chandelier generated using swarm systems.
Bent Aluminium Pipe, Flexible LED, Eco-Friendly PETG.

DRIFT II builds upon and expands the digital and fabrication techniques developed for it’s predecesor DRIFT︎.

Context: DRIFT II was part of DIACRONIA exhibition @ RCW 2023 ︎
Curator: Marian Pălie  ︎
Date: September 2023
Location: 15 Emil Racovita Street, Bucharest (RO)
DRIFT is both the act of taking a sharp turn whilst purposefully losing traction on the rear wheels as well as a not so well known term for a flock of swans.

The design process made use of a simulated “flock” of boids circling a virtual “food source”. The resulting trails were discretised as to accomodate a limited number of angles in order to facilitate fabrication. The instructions for bending the aluminium pipes were generated algorithmically and each unique piece was checked for deviations using custom CNC routed jigs.

Finally, the DRIFT series strikes a balance between organic and mathematical. bridging local craftsmanship with digital fabrication.

Fabrication: HubsEd ︎︎
Date: February 2023

is an interactive installation, co-created with Alexandru Berceanu, which speaks about the human gaze.
Spirulina Algae, medicinal bags, IR Lights, Cameras.

Watch Me tracks the gaze of each viewer towards 'pixels' of spirulina. The pixels which receive more attention will benefit of preferential treatment and extra infrared light, bringing them an advantage in growing, as spirulina algae grow more than twice as fast when exposed to the red-infrared spectrum 620 nm – 1 mm and 300 GHz – 430 THz.

Context: “White Imprint” Collective Exhibition  ︎
Date: September 2022
Location: Mobius Gallery, Bucharest(RO) ︎
“Watch me” was part of the White Imprint Exhibition which featured collaborations between Alexandru Berceanu ︎  and various local artists.

Part of the research driven process, during each day, gaze data was collected and then fed back into the installation during periods when interaction was taking place. The piece concluded with an ephemeral canvas representing a discriminative outcome; as a result of the viewers engagement, some elements in the bio-matrix had developed a significantly more green and luscious colour.

Imprinting is the process by which experience is encoded into biology. We are symbiotic organisms, which evolved by consuming viruses and other microbiota that shaped human cells and memory.  Each organism's life experience impacts the epigenetic and implicitly the genetic level, shaping the DNA message for future generations.

Fabrication by HubsEd ︎︎ 

Project partners:
Is an installment of computationaly generated systems that explore chaos theory and field morphogenesis.
Printed foamboard and interactive projection.

The exhibition is collection of audio-visual works exploring the metaspace of chaos theory models. From a background of chaotic trajectories emerge structures that point towards introspection; despite the system's sensibility, from wherever one starts traversing it, it seems to evolve in a similar manner but peculiarly different enough.

Context: NOVA Festival 2021  ︎ ︎ ︎
Curator: Emilia Păunescu
Date: September 2021
Location: Creart Gallery - 7  Alexandru Lahovari Square, Bucharest 010464 (RO) ︎
The Butterfly Effect states that something as small as a butterfly flap can cause a hurricane on the other side of the globe. The popularity of the butterfly effect stems from our doubt when considering the question; “How well can we predict the future?”.

At the advent of Chaos Theory sits Edward Lorenz, a meteorologist trying to mathematically simulate a simplified model of the atmosphere. Despite not achieving what he desired, the solution space of the equations he devised contains a series of infinite distinct curves that remind of two wings.
In pop-culture, movies like Jurassic Park (1993) The Butterfly Effect (2004) popularised the term “butterfly effect”. quotes such as Jeff Goldblum’s “A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking, and in Central Park, you get rain instead of sunshine.”
The title; Butterflies et al  juxtaposes the two sides of a deep matter mathematical theory as an academic practice and popular culture a medium in which advanced concepts can be diffused.

The idea offers an alternative to a deterministic view of the world and brings back one’s agency into play. The chaotic space allows for similar developments that are different enough to create an uncanny feeling. The viewer is placed in the position of an active observer able to interact with the systems and experience the changes his/her/its actions bring about


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